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Capital Credits Unclaimed Funds List

North Central Electric Cooperative is attempting to locate the following people (or their heirs) who received service from the cooperative prior to 2009. Patronage capital refund checks were mailed to the following people listed, but the checks were returned to North Central Electric as undeliverable or were never cashed.

The cooperative is aware that many of the former members listed are deceased. However, we are looking for surviving family members who are eligible to receive the capital credtis check. Due to federal privacy regulations "Red Flag rules", the cooperative can only provide account information to the member, surviving spouse or a legally-documented fiduciary (executor or trustee). If this is the case, please forward your Letter of Authority and a photocopy of the death certificate to the cooperative's office.

North Central Electric Cooperative
Attn: Capital Credits
P.O. Box 475
Attica, OH 44807

If you need to update your address, please visit the "Change of Address" form to submit your information. All address change submissions must be in writing or sent electronically.

According to the cooperative's Code of Regulations, this list must be published twice. If the cooperative is not able to locate these people within 60 days of the second notice, the member will relinquish rights to the funds.


360 Communications Co
5/3 Bank

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360 Communications Co.
A. S. Energy
Abbott Dick E.
Abshier Michael J.
Adams Cheryl
Adams Jeffrey
Adams Michael L.
Adams Myrtle
Adams Sara
Adams Sue A.
Adams Virginia
Adelphia Cable
Adelphia - 364
Adkins Charles E.
Adkins Randy B.
Agerter Pheriba
Ahlefeld Arlene
Albright Thomas
Alkire David
Allen Gary
Allen James C.
Allen Jesse P.
Allison Verlinda J
Almasy Jack
Alspach Melvin
Alspach Robert
Alspach Wayne
Althauser Michael T.
Althouse Curtis
Altman Mary
Altvater Lorie A.
Alvada Construction
Alvarez Ramon
Alvarez Ramon F.
Amert W. G.
Amicrelli Nick R.
Amoco Oil C.
Amory Edward
Anderson Arthur
Anderson Brenda J.
Anderson Denny .F
Anderson Linda K.
Anderson Ronnie D.
Anderson Ross
Angelbech Dale
Applegate Ray
Araguz Simon Jr.
Archer James R.
Arco Pipe Line
Arebaugh Lisa M.
Argo Janet L.
Arms Glen H.
Armstrong Circuit Inc.
Arnett Susan
Arnold Monica L
Arnold Family Farms Ltd
Arp David L.
Arthur Roger E.
Ash Timothy J.
Ashworth Robert E.
A.T.& T. Store#Ohk680
Aten Robert C.
Athy Sandra
Auburn Baptist Church
Auck Donald E.
August Mack Environmental
Ault Alan
Aumend Gail E.
Austermiller Helen
Babb Edwin
Babb Patricia
Babb Ronald
Babcock Ted
Bach Sheldon W.
Backus Bernard
Badertscher Michael J.
Bagent Donald E. II
Bagola Frank
Bagola Michele
Bahadar Akbar
Bailes Ronald L.
Bailey Larry B.
Baker Carl F.
Baker Kenneth
Baker Robert
Baker Robin L.
Bakies Roger
Baldosser Tom
Baldridge Lloyd
Baldwin Robert
Ball Garry L.
Balmer Roger W.
Bammann Bruce
Banks Ronald L.
Barager Douglas E.
Barber Tara L.
Barber William
Barchus Amy
Bardon Joseph D.
Barger Danny J.
Barker Ronald J.
Barker Ronnie J.
Barlow Richard A. II
Barnes Janet
Barnes Paul
Barnes Peter
Barnes William R.
Barnett Garry L.
Barnett Harold D.
Barnett Kurtis J.
Barnett Mark
Barnett Michael J.
Barnett R.B.
Barnett Willard
Barnett Yvonia L.
Barney Elsie
Barnhart Steven K.
Barrick Joy W.
Barringer Dan
Barringer John K.
Barth Donald L.
Barth Jason
Barthalow Linda L.
Batchman Scott
Bates Charles
Bauer David F.
Bauer Robert
Bauer Thomas
Baughman Kenneth
Baum William C. Jr.
Baumer Raymond
Baxter Setsuko
Beach Calvin
Beach Michael L.
Beal Edna M.
Beamer Kyle K.
Beamer Randall L.
Bean Sara J.
Beaston Ronald H.
Beck Ernest
Beck Howard D
Becker John
Beebe Vickie L.
Beekman Vessie C.
Beema Dianna
Beers Deena J.
Begley Clara
Behm Don E.
Behrendt Renee H.
Beier Marlene
Bell Jane M.
Bell Linda J.
Bella Walter D.
Bemis Michael J.
Bemis Terry L.
Benavidez Nelda
Bender Tim
Bendle Scott W.
Benecke Arnold G.
Bennett Thomas A.
Bennington Gerald E.
Bennington T E
Bentz Sherri
Berberick Cynthia
Berberick Traci
Bercaw Donald
Bergstrom Stanley A.
Bergtold Ted H.
Berrier Paul E.
Berry Dottie
Berry Julie
Berry Sheila S.
Bessken Richard
Besskin Richard
Bethel Billy J.
Betz Julie M.
Beveridge Earle
Biddle Michael A.
Biettner Rosetta
Bilger Brenda C.
Bilger Michael
Billeg Neil E
Biller Roger
Biller Sheila M.
Binger Jason
Bingle David
Birch Donna J.
Birch Stephen
Bishop Brett A.
Bishop Mark
Black Michael J.
Blair Craig
Blair Kenneth
Bland Arthur D.
Bland Donald
Blankenship Lois
Blankenship Rick
Blaser Kearra N.
Blasetzky Denise
Blay Robert
Blevins Laverne K.
Bloom Dorlene D.
Bloom Edward
Bloom Margaret
Bloom Paul
Bloomfield Betty
Bloomfield Garland
Bloomfield Larry
Blount Charles II
Blue Myron P.
Blum Jane E.
Bodnar Jon S.
Bogner Bobbie C.
Bogner Robert C.
Bohanon Cindy
Bohn Implement
Bolen Elmer
Bolen James
Bolen Michael
Boles Reggie
Bollinger Paul E.
Bomer Norma
Bond David A.
Bond Michael R.
Bonen Doris I.
Bonnell Aaron P.
Booher Edward
Borer David M.
Borer Faith
Borer Jason D.
Borzenski Michael
Bostdorff Kenneth E.
Botdorf Jerry
Boucher Jon P.
Bowen Grace
Bowen John M.
Bowers Gregory E.
Bowers Kenneth
Bowers Lisa
Bowling Arlie
Bowling Juanita
Bowman Frank E.
Bowman Leslie H.
Box Ronnie
Bradley Clyde
Bradley Robin
Bradner Oil Co .Inc.
Bradrick Donald A.
Brady Danny C.
Brady Kimberly
Brandt Geneva R.
Branham Jannette S.
Brause Barbara J.
Breighner Paul
Breighner Paul D.
Bren Robert
Brenamen Pamela A.
Breuer Philipp
Brewer Kelly
Brewer Kevin
Brian Cory
Bricely John
Brickner G. N.
Brickner Thomas
Bridgford Paul
Briggs Brady
Briggs Louis A.
Brisbin David
Brizzi Vittorio
Brodman Dennis
Brodman Herman J.
Brodman Janet R.
Brodman Jo A.
Brodman Jo Ann
Brooker Kathy
Brookes Paul I
Brookes V. J.
Brooks Marilyn G.
Brooks Ramona S.
Brooks Rebecca R.
Brose Matthew A.
Brough Jay
Brown Anthony C.
Brown Bobby G.
Brown Bonnie R.
Brown Gary L.
Brown Gregg F.
Brown Heather R.
Brown James J.
Brown Jerome
Brown John
Brown John D.
Brown Jonathan E.
Brown Keith W.
Brown Lesley
Brown Lindell
Brown Louis T.
Brown Michael L.
Brown Michael R.
Brown Robin
Brown Rosetta D.
Brubach Ben
Brubaker Alnita M.
Brubaker Arthur G.
Brubaker Galen G.
Brubaker John M.
Brubaker Lester G.
Brubaker Troy J.
Bryan James W.
Bryant David S.
Bryant Mistical
Bryant Scott A.
Buchanan Stefanie M.
Buckingham Michael L.
Buckingham Michael L. Jr.
Buckner B. J.
Buckner Firman H.
Buell William
Bugner Hank N.
Bunag Nestor
Bunch George L.
Burdge Harry
Burger Daniel
Burger Mabel
Burgess Keith R.
Burke William J
Burks Allen
Burns Alan P. II
Burns Christi A.
Burns Gerald A. Jr.
Burns Mary A.
Burwell Edward
Bushey Carl F.
Bushwack Harry
Buskirk Roger D.
Bustos Roberto
Butler Frank
Butler Kenneth E. II
Butler Maggie
Butler Marie
Butt James E. Jr.
Byrd Jean
Byrne Charles R.
Byrne Gina
Cain Alice A.
Cain Jack A. Jr.
Calcamuggio Lyle
Callahan Charles S.
Callahan Harriet C.
Callendar Richard L.
Camp Fire Boys and Girls
Campbell Greg
Campbell Linda
Candel Christo J.
Cano Teodoro
Cardinal Foods
Carey Comer
Carey Industries Inc.
Carl William
Carlson Linda S.
Carlson Randy A.
Carmel Dennis C.
Carn Roger
Carnahan William M.
Carozza Realty
Carr Teresa
Carroll Kenneth
Carroll Timothy J.
Cartee Thomas R.
Carter George
Carter Mary L.
Carter Richard
Carter Sam
Carter Shelby J.
Carter William
Carver William R.
Cary Faye A.
Cascaden Mark A.
Case Rose M.
Caserta Renee S.
Casino Cassandra M.
Cassady Richard W.
Castillo Sherri
Castle James
Castle Roberta
Casto Jerry W.
Cattell Scott A.
Caudill John D.
Caudill Wesley D.
Cavalier Joanne
Cavey Francine
Central Transport
Chaffee Wayne M.
Chagnon Danielle M.
Chagnon Scott A.
Chaialee Salong
Chamberlain Ronald J.
Chambers Jeffery R.
Chandler Patty
Chapman Christophc
Chapman Douglas H.
Chapman Richard
Chapman Robert G.
Charles Chris
Charles Lindy
Chatfield Curtis A.
Cheney James C.
Cherry Karen S.
Childress Martin T.
Chiow Larry G.
Christian Eugene A.
Christian Richard
Christman Willard
Church Deborah K. 
Church & Dwight Co. Inc.
Clabaugh Ted H.
Clagett J. D.
Clapp Stacey R.
Clark Kenneth
Clark Mary I.
Clark Phyllis S.
Clark Willard
Class Claude
Clevenger Charles J.
Clever David
Clevinger Ron
Click Jessica R.
Clifton Lynette
Cline Wendy A.
Clingman Todd
Clouse Holly
Clouse Mary A.
Clunk Richard E.
Cobb Harold E.
Cochran James E.
Cochran Walt
Coffman Kina L.
Coffman Steven R.
Coldiron Charles
Coldiron Tim
Cole Dustin
Cole Elvis
Cole Gary Sr.
Cole James W.
Cole Jimmy D.
Cole Kathryn
Cole Sylvia S.
Colgate Ray
Collene Melissa L.
Collins Gary
Collins James E.
Collins James F.
Collins John
Collins Marcus D.
Collins Mark
Collins Suzan L.
Collins Therese
Columbus Oilfield Explor
Colwell Ada M.
Combs Jason A.
Combs Ronnie L.
Comer Herman B. Jr.
Comiskey Jim
Conish Mark
Conkel William
Conley Bryan D.
Conley Macy M.
Conley Sherman Jr.
Conner Gary W.
Conner Tonya L.
Conol Mario L.
Cook Geneva S.
Cook James W.
Cook Kyle R.
Cook Pamela
Cook Phyllis
Cook Robert S.
Cook Ronald D.
Cool Mildred
Cooley Stephanie
Coons Douglas
Cooper David
Cooper Scott
Cooper Thomas
Cooper V. P.
Copper Robert
Coppes Beth A.
Coppler Jean A.
Coppus Gary L.
Corbin David B.
Corbin Eugene E.
Corbin F. E.
Corfman Brian E.
Corfman Cari
Corfman Randy E.
Cornett Marsha
Cornett Patrick J.
Corthell Gregory K.
Cottingham Donald
Cottrill David
Couch Danny L.
Couch Ruth E.
Courtad Christina L
Cover Todd W.
Cox Charles
Cox Jack
Cox Robert N.
Craig J. S.
Craley Phillip
Crall Charles
Crall Norman
Cramer Alita
Cramer Donald L.
Cramer George Jr.
Cramer George W.
Cramer Wilmer
Crandall Mervin P.
Crates Ronald E. Jr .                 
Crawford John
Creamer Carl
Cree Daniel
Crews Denise M.
Crews Meredith A.
Crist James W.
Criswell Dale E.
Criswell Lacie Y.
Critchet Dallas
Cross Daniel
Crowe Larry L.
CSX Real P.
Cuevas Pedro
Cullison Thomas V.
Culp Candis
Cummings Levi G.
Cummings Michael
Cummings Stacy J.
Cundiff Jane
Curl John E.
Curtis Donna
Daiber Cletus O.
Daiello Edward
Daiello Edward Jr.
Dailey Helen
Dalton Travis
Dander David A.
Daniel Allan
Daniel Christopher E.
Daniel E.
Daniel Sue A.
Daniel Thomas E.
Daniel Timothy E.
Daniels John A.
Danner Marcia
Darr Anthony
Dasher Michael D.
Davidson David
Davidson Edward T.
Davis Charles G.
Davis Darrell
Davis Faron R.
Davis Faye M.
Davis Forrest
Davis Gerald
Davis Lida M.
Davis Michael G.
Day Dennis G.
Dayringer Ruth
Deal Kimberly A.
Dean Allen
Dearsman Ovid N.
Decker Daniel
Decker Donna I.
Decker Orville
Degollado Kathi
Degroat Keith
Del Campo Fresh
Delagarza Albert
Delameter Bill
Delaney Eleanor J.
Delaney Rodney
Dell Joyce A.
Dell William N.
Dellinger James C.
Dellinger James L.
Deng Mark
Dennis Anna C.
Dennison Bart S.
Depinet James
Depinet Theresa
Depner Randall
Deters Shannon M.
Detillion Paul
Detterman Marjorie
Deuble Robert
Deuble Shana L.
Devanna Paul
Devault Mark
Dewald Pauline
Dewiel Grace I.
Diaz Lisa
Dible Douglas E
Dible Kimberly S.
Dible Melony
Dick Robert A.
Dicks Aaron J.
Diczhazy Susan
Diebert Jerry
Dieter Shannon R.
Digby Theresa A.
Dille Cy
Dille Cyrus W.
Dille Robert A.
Dion Steven E.
Distel Jeff
Dix Robert R. Jr.
Dix Robert R. Sr.
Dobbins Timothy M.
Doepker Tina
Dolch Bradley
Dolch Randal C.
Doll Milton
Donegan Richard L.
Donnersbach Janice
Donnersbach Michael
Doran Raymond
Doran Richard L.
Doran Richard T.
Dorbin Cheryl
Dornbirer Victoria A.
Doughtery Harry L.
Douglas Alice
Douglas Chad T.
Dow Mark
Downs Dorothy
Drifmeyer Gregory G.
Drown Raymond
Druckenmiller Jeff
Drummond Lincoln
Dryfuse Gerald V.
Dubois Karla
Dubois Susie
Dueble Greg
Dull Dan
Dumonte Ryan L.
Duncan Christine
Duncan Craig M.
Dunham Daniel P.
Dunham Julie
Dunkel Daniel
Dunlap Brian D.
Dunn David M.
Dunn Donna K.
Durbin Frederi
Durigg Ramon
Durr Roger L.
Durst David
Durst Royce
Dutchtown Inn
Dye Verl W. Jr.
Dyer Charity L.
Dyer John T.
Dyer Sherman
Dyer Thomas J. Jr.
E. & E. Endeavors LLC
Eads David L.
Eastman Dennis
Eberle John E.
Eckstein Catherine
Eckstein David
Eckstein Donald J.
Eckstein Jerry D.
Eddington Kenneth
Edgington Robert E.
Edgington Sean R.
Edwards Corinna
Edwards Gary F.
Edwards Mike
Ehresman Richard M.
Ehrman Sharon K.
Ehrman Wayne
Eidt Faith A.
Eidt James C.
Eidt Timothy
Ekleberry Donald K.
Elarton Robert
Elchert Ann M.
Elchert Anthony
Elchert Freda M.
Elchert Michael A.
Elchert Tina M.
Eldridge Connie
Eley Sara
Elliott Jenny E.
Ellis Christine E.
Ellis Kimberlee D.
Ellison Betty
Ellison Helen K.
Emick Louis
Emmer Kathy M.
Enderle Brant
Enders Zachary M.
Endicott Steve T.
England Larry
English Marcus W.
Environmental Network
Erickson Jeff
Ernsberger Daniel J.
Esayas Shirley N.
Esselman Margaret
Estep Kimberly
ET Electric Company, LLC
Eufracio Hector
Eufracio Heliodoro
Eulett Nancy
Evans Ashley
Evans Jean
Evans Tina L.
Everhart Pearl M.
Evert Michael J.
Faber Carol L.
Faber Mitzi
Fadley Robert
Failor Michael
Fair Raymond F.
Family Broadcast
Farley Rebecca L.
Farrell Richard J.
Faunce Troy E.
Fawcett Sharon K.
Fawley Chris
Fearing Gregory S.
Feasel Charles R II
Feasel Charles R. Jr.
Feasel Marion
Feasel W. W.
Featheringill Beatrice
Featheringill Curtis
Featheringill Kenneth
Federal Aviation Adm.
Fee James D.
Feeman Clarence
Fellers Brian
Fellers Lynn D.
Ferguson Charlie
Ferguson Eldon
Ferguson Marlon R.
Ferner David J.
Ferree Doris
Fetter Jack R.
Fetterman Carolyn L.
Fetterman James
Fields Ashley N.
Fifth Third Bank
Fike Larry C.
Fillhart Wilbur
Fisher Clifford
Fisher Elsie L.
Fisher Jess
Fisher Richard G.
Fitch Birgus L.
Fitch Garland
Fitzgerald James P.
Fitzpatrick Donald
Fitzpatrick-Shaw Elizabeth
Flanagan Betty
Flanagan Mike
Flechtner Robert S.
Fleming Nathan J.
Fletcher David P.
Fletcher James
Flicker John A.
Focht Donald
Foley James
Foltz Terri
Forbess Kirsten R.
Ford Robert J.
Forney Jake
Forrest George L.
Forsyth Alice
Foster Donald
Foster Donald E.
Foster Gary
Foster Howard W.
Foster Kim
Foster Wayne A.
Fourtner Anthony
Fowler Leo J.
Fox Brenda K.
Fox Don R.
Fox Michelle L.
Fox Rachelle A.
Fox Robert D. Jr.
Fox Susan K.
Frakes William F.
Fraley Michael D.
Fralick William R.
France Delmer
Franco Frank D.
Frankart Jan D.
Frankart Margaret
Franklin Arthur E.
Franklin Bill
Frantz Robert D.
Frazier Steve E.
Frederick Brian
Frederick Jerry L.
Frederick Rich T.
Fredritz Roger
Freeman Gladys M.
Freeman Jennifer M.
Freeze Ty
Freundner John D.
Frey Daniel H.
Friddle James L.
Friend Barbara A.
Friend Terry
Frissora John
Fritz Orrin
Fritz Steven
Frontier Vision - 367
Frost Nathan A.
Fruth Naomi P.
Fruth Stephen W.
Fruth Vincent A
Fry Homer M.
Fry Ida M.
Fry Walter M.
Frye Kevin W.
Frye Steve W.
Fuchs John
Fugitt James C
Fulmer Susan L.
Fulton Brandy M.
Fultz William R.
Funk Frank K.
Funk Kathryn
Funkhouser Richard N.
Gaietto Diana
Gaither Kim
Galitza Jason T.
Gallagher Danny
Gallegos Ralph
Galvin Justine J.
Garcia Connie
Garcia Joe
Garcia Reynaldo L. Sr.
Garcia Ruben
Gardner Dale R.
Gardner Glenn A.
Gardner Tina
Garlock Raymond E
Garner Kenneth
Garner Mary C.Garner Sheila E.
Garrard Burnis
Garrett Sandra
Garvin Gregory L..
Garza Melinda
Gase Robert J.
Gaskin Joel
Gaskins Raymond J.
Gearheart Jamie L.
Gebauer Dan
Gebhart Kenneth
Geiger Mark
Geise Elizabeth A.
Geiser Rachel
Gen Tel Company Of Ohio
Gentry Steven S.Gerber Ruth
Gerhardstein Arnold
Gerhardstein Brandi J.
Gerhardstein Dustin R.
Gernert Kim J.
Gernovich Alex
Gerstenberger David
Gerstenberger Evelyn
Gerstenberger Evelyn R.
Gerstenberger Joseph R.
Geyman Roger D.
Gibbs Karen
Gibbs Karen F.
Gibbs Michael
Gibson Darvin
Gibson Keith E.
Gibson Mildred F.
Gibson Shirley R.
Gibson Thomas D.
Gifford Colleen M.
Gifford Lisa
Gilbertsen George
Gillen Mark
Gillen William T.
Gillmor Jennifer L.
Gittinger Norman
Gledhill Jeffrey E.
Glendening Oma A.
Gochenour Cliff
Godbout Louise
Goddard Murphy & Co.
Golden Gary A.
Goldsberry Chris T.
Gonzalez Alejandro M.
Goodhall Elena
Goodin Stewart
Gooding James B.
Gooding Jeffrey W.
Goodman Helen R.
Gordon Patrick
Gore Tanya M.
Gorsuch Ryan
Gosche Gerald
Goshe Harold J.
Goshe Herman
Goshe Patrick J.
Gosser Heidi L.
Grabow Tammy A.
Gracia Melissa
Grady Hobart M.
Graham Audrey
Gray Donald D.
Green Charles D. Sr.
Green Donna
Green Joean
Green John D.
Green Virgie
Green Wilbur A.
Green Point Credit
Greene Bonnie
Greenich David
Greeno Susan K.
Greenwald Albert Mrs.
Greiner Mark A.
Gressman John A.
Griffin Bruce A.
Griffin Daniel
Griffin Donna
Griffy Flora A.
Grimm Edward
Grine David A.
Gross Robert E .Jr.
Grove David A.
Grove Donald
Grove Jack W.
Grove Lois A.
Grover John M.
Groves Jill E.
Groves Ricky L.
Grunden John
Guernsey Tim Sr.
Gulick William
Gum Rhonda
Gumm Russell F.
Gunder Jeremy
Gunderman Harvey C.
Gundrum Stephanie
Gwirtz Helena S.
Haar Dennis R.
Haar Troy L.
Hackworth Robert
Haffa Amy M.
Hahn Loria
Hahn Thomas E.
Haigh Thomas
Hainline Ashley N.
Hale Dennis Sr.
Hale Myrtle J.
Hall April
Hall Cleadis
Hall Elizabeth A.
Hall Hazel M.
Hall Matthew J.
Hall Melvin S.
Hall Michael W.
Hall Rickey
Hamilton Darrell R.
Hammer Julia A.
Hammer Mildred T.
Hammer Richard G.
Hampshire Cortnie M.
Hanes Mary E.
Hannel J. L.
Hannigan Robert L.
Hannum Ray
Hansen Arthur
Hansen Theodore
Hanson Raymond Sr.
Happner Carmela
Harants George A.
Harbaugh Charlene A.
Harigle John A.
Harmon Daisy
Harmon Roger
Harnish James
Harper Richard A.
Harris J. W.
Harris Jeffrey S.
Harris Scott A.
Harris William B.
Harrison Brian R
Hart Connie
Hart Stephen M.
Hart William N.
Hartenfeld Jon
Hartley Douglas A.
Hartman David B.
Hartman Jennifer A.
Hartman Tim
Hatfield Charles
Hatlay Gary
Hatton Billy
Haubert Kevin L.
Haupt Stanley D.
Hawkins Geneva
Hawley Joan
Hawley Vance D.
Hay Gordon Jr.
Hayes Beatrice
Hayman Michael
Hayman Stanley
Haynes Brenda L.
Hayslip Paul A.
Hayward Robert G.
Heath Samuel A .Jr.
Heath Wilson C.
Heck Dalton
Heck Terry
Hecker John
Heckler Adam P.
Hedrick John
Heffner Margery E.
Heichel Richard
Heimbaugh Richard A. Jr.
Heimert Travis G.
Heinlen Daniel G.
Heinlen Raymond E.
Heiser L E.
Heiserman Brad A.
Heishman Wayne T.
Heising Raymond C
Heisler William C.
Helms Thomas E.
Heminger Jerry K.
Hemminger Andy R.
Hemminger Paul
Hench Allan
Henderson Brock
Hendricks Betty J.
Hendricks Lynn
Hensley Tammy J.
Henson Barbara
Herge Nancy J.
Hernandez Diamantin
Hernandez Joe
Hernandez Rafael Jr.
Herrera Guadalupe
Herrera Hazael
Hess Brenda S.
Hess John K. Jr.
Hessey B. E.
Hessey Kevin
Hessey Lee
Hessler Harold L.
Hetlin Christoph
Hetrick Clayton
Heydinger Adam G.
Heydinger Stephen M.
Heyman Christine E.
Hickam Cheryl
Hickle Elizabeth
Hickle Eugene W.
Hickle Heather M.
Hickle Mark A.
Hickman Stephen G.
Hicks Luther
Hicks Matthew J.
Hicks Phillip J.
Hicks Ruben
Higginbotham John
Higgins Christopher
Hiler Ronald
Hilkens Susan
Hilkens William
Hill Alan
Hill Brandi R.
Hill Gary
Hill Gerald R.
Hill Glen
Hill Kilene F.
Hill Mardell M.
Hill Melvin W. Jr.
Hill Robert
Hill Shirley
Hill Stacy A.
Hillyer Hank
Hinebaugh Gary
Hines Rosemary Y.
Hinkle Eugene
Hinklin Kim
Hnatow Joseph A.
Hockenberger Paul
Hockenberry Grant
Hockley Chad
Hoerig Donna
Hoerig William E.
Hoffbauer Daniel J.
Hoffbauer Paul J Jr.
Hoffert Patricia A.
Hoffert William C
Hoffman Mark L
Hoffman Michael E Jr
Hoffmann Russlan D.
Hoffmann Susan D..
Hofmann Eunice
Hogan Paul S.
Hogan Robin D.
Hohman Francis E.
Hohman Roy
Hohman Roy R.
Holbrook Delta D.
Holcomb Linda
Holdcraft Janis L.
Holden C. M.
Holeman Janet S.
Holland Kimberley S.
Holley Debra S.
Holloway Virgil R.
Holman Daniel J.
Holman Eric R.
Holman Gary
Holman Jack R.
Holmer Agnes
Holmer Carl
Holmer John
Holmer Marvin
Holycross Michael
Homesly Jeremy D.
Honaker Elbert
Honaker William
Hoover Courtland
Hoover Dale
Hoover David
Hoover Marie
Hoover Max C.
Hopple Betty L.
Hopple George
Horan Thomas R.
Hord Ronald L.
Horn L. T.
Horner Jane D.
Horrell Hugh A.
Hosler Beverly A.
Hossler D. M.
Hossler Donald R.
Hossler Phillip L.
Hostetter Tami L.
Hotelling Darrell
Hotelling Rick
Houdeshell Thomas R.
Hough James H.
House Olen J
House And A Prayer LLC
Houston Douglas
Houston Pamela
Howard David
Howard Penny L.
Howard Randy
Howell Eva M.
Howell Stanlee
Howlett Quentin C.
Hoy James E
Hoyda Tom
Hubbard William R
Hudson William A
Huff Gary
Huff Mike
Huff Tina
Huffman Donna J.
Huffman Louis
Huffman Michael
Huggins James E.
Huggins Rosemarie
Hughes Catherine M.
Hughes Donald P.
Hughes Doug
Hughes Karen C.
Hughes Mary J.
Hulse Lisa A.
Humphrey Thelma
Hunker Alicia
Hunt Gale
Hunter Jerry
Hunter Michael
Hunter Richard B.
Hurst Edna
Hushour Sandra
Huth Robert G.
Huth Troy J.
Hyer Rick
Hylton Larry R.
Ickes Daniel L.
Ickes Larry L.
Imler Robert
Indianbrook Golf Club LLC
Intelekey Corporation
Ireland Vonda R.
Irey Keith E.
Isaac Dwana F.
It Corporation
Izzo Brenda
Jack Bradley R.
Jackson Marilyn
Jackson Peter J.
Jackson Sarah A.
Jacob J. H.
Jacobs Daniel
Jacobs Jennifer L.
Jacoby John E
Jacoby Stacy J.
James Earnest
James Roger
Jarrett Benjamin M.
Jayes Timothy M.
Jenkins Amanda L.
Jenne Matthew
Jewell Carl
Jewell Charles R.
Jewett Julia
Johns Linda D.
Johnson Christal S.
Johnson Diana R.
Johnson Edith
Johnson Freeman R.
Johnson Gerald A.
Johnson Goldie
Johnson Jennifer
Johnson John
Johnson Judy
Johnson Nate
Johnson Robert A.
Johnson Shannon
Johnson Tim
Johnson William C.
Joice James R.
Jones Arnold D.
Jones Christoph D.
Jones Don W.
Jones Florence E.
Jones Fred L
Jones Jim D.
Jones Kelly S.
Jones Linda F.
Jones Michael S.
Jones Noble
Jones Roger W.
Jones Willard
Jones William B.
Joseph June J.
Joseph Steven R.
J.S. Farms
Juarez Eugenia
Juarez Martin
Jurrus Duane E.
Justice Edgar
Justice Thomas R.
Kagy Alyce M.
Kagy Rod
Kalb Ruth
Kapelka Patrick C.
Kapelka Thomas J.
Kaple Frances I.
Kaple James
Karcher Bryon A.
Karl Adam J.
Karl Arthur H.
Karl William J.
Kaser Dave
Katzenmeyer Jerry L.
Kauffman Paul M.
Kear Herman
Keaton Jack
Keaton Kristina M.
Keefer Herbert J.
Keener Leona G.
Keim Richard E.
Keller Dale A.
Keller Norbert
Keller R. W.
Keller Richard L.
Keller Sharon
Kelley James
Kelley Jessica M.
Kelley Victor
Kelly Lloyd
Kemerley Gerald
Kemp Joseph T. Sr.
Kendall William
Kendrick Wanda
Kenyon Kevin
Kepler Betty J.
Kerlin Kenneth
Kern Jack
Kern Mike
Kern Monica R.
Keros John
Kessler Dennis
Kessler Gabriel E.
Kessler Justin L.
Kessler Raymond A.
Kessler Sharon
Key John D.
Khamhaeng Term
Kheune Walter F.
Kidwell Wayne S..
Kieffer Ashley M.
Kieffer Michael
Kiesel James D.
Kilgore Larry D.
Killen Wayne
Killinger Donald R. Sr.
Kimmel Gertrude
Kimmel Kenneth
Kimmet Carolyn
Kimmet Edward
Kimmet Leonard
Kimmet Luke S.
Kimmet Michael J.
Kimmet Oliver
Kimmet Todd M.
Kin Thomas N.
King Melissa
King Sara
King Sharon
King William M. Jr.
Kingseed Gary A.
Kinley Melissa A.
Kinn Harold
Kinn Helen J.
Kinn Robert
Kinn Rose A.
Kinney Conley T.
Kinney Darcy
Kinney Eugene IV.
Kirby Minor
Kirian Denny
Kirian Gerald J.
Kirian Joann
Kitzler James
Klaiss Marjorie M.
Klein Raymond C.
Kleinhoffer Earl
Kleman Louis F.
Klingshirn Russell A.
Klopp Michael
Knapp Dennis
Knapp H R
Knecht Mary B.
Knisely Melissa D.
Knoll Gary A.
Kochel Robin
Kochheiser Eugene
Koehler Betty L.
Koepfer Eileen
Kofol Robbie S.
Kohlenberg Guy A.
Kohlhorst Jackie
Kollar Robert
Kollat Karl J.
Konwiczk Michael
Koselke Carl S.
Kotnik David J.
Kovacs Gary
Krabill Elvern
Kraft Gary
Kraft Kevin J.
Kramer Dwight D.
Krause Mary R.
Krebs Rick
Kreh Brenda M.
Kreh Christine
Kress Eugene J.
Kromenacker James
Krouse Deborah V.
Krumm Richard F. Jr.
Krupp Earl
Kryder Anthony
Kubasek V. L.
Kuehne W P
Kuenzli Paul
Kuhlman Marilyn
Kuhn Debi K.
Kuhn Dustin P.
Kuhn James
Kummerer Audrey
Kummerer Family Farm, LLC
Kuntz Harold A.
Lacey James
Lacy Elizabeth
Lacy Geanell
Ladd Jean M.
Laferty Curtis
Lambright Randy L.
Lamvermeyer Dustin
Landoll Terry M.
Landrum Ed H.
Landrum Marilyn K.
Lang Connie E.
Lang Steven L.
Lange Alan
Lantz Donald
Lantz Michael S.
Large Brenda L
Laroche Donna
Larrigan Patrick
Larue Jeff
Lasch Joel
Laub Kenneth J.
Lauck Kelly K.
Laughbaum Ramon L. Jr.
Laughlin Morris R.
Law Donald H.
Law Robert B.
Lawhon & Associates, Inc
Lawhun Jennie R.
Lawrence Dennis D.
Lawrence Ruby
Lawrence William A.
Lawson Joann M.
Lawson Mark J.
Layer Patrick K.
LB Tower Co LLC Attn: B Hancock
Leal Vicky
Leber Shawn J.
Lee Renae M.
Lee Susan R.
Lee Terry
Leeth Kyle F.
Legron Richard A. Jr.
Lehman M. I.
Leibengood Matthew C.
Leindecker Brian E.
Leiter Chad R.
Lemay Robert J.
Lemons Michael G.
Lennhoff Benjamen
Lentz Larry
Leonard Anthony
Lepley Jeffery A. II
Lester Joyce
Lester Nichole A.
Lewallen Evelyn
Lewinski Sue
Lewis Harold
Lewis Joyce
Lewis Lori L.
Lewis Phil
Lewis Sheila D.
Ley Neill O.
Lieske Robin
Limberd James 
Liming Robert
Lincoln Richard D.
Link Hobart K
Lippert David P.
Lippert Michael A.
Lira Hector Jr.
Liskai Alex
Livelsberger Roger
Livergood Michael J.
Lockard John
Locke David L.
Lockmiller Amanda
Lofay Carla J.
Lofay Nathan C.
Lofay Raechel L.
Logan Rita
Loman James R.
Lones-Leon Marjorie L.
Long Curtis D.
Long Randy J.
Long Robert C. Sr.
Long Todd
Longdon Scott M.
Lonsway Bradley
Lonsway Teresa K.
Lopez Val
Losey Robert H.
Lough Jay M.
Love Nellie A.
Love Zollie Jr.
Lowery James R.
Lowry S. P.
Lucas Pamela K.
Lucas Paul
Lucas Ted
Lucius Michael T.
Lucius Rachael A.
Luckenbill Brad
Ludwig Helen W.
Luman Gloria J.
Luman James M.
Luman Wm. H.
Lundy Paul E.
Lust Duane
Lutz Jeffrey L.
Luzadder Henry L. Jr.
Luzader Reginald
Lykins Michael A.
Lynch David
Lynch David L.
Lynch Edwin L
Lynch Ralph M.
Lynch Richard L.
Lynch Richard W.
Lynch Ryan T.
Lyons Mary M.
Lyons Michael
Macbeth Dale
Maclean Lois
Maffettone Ben
Maffettone Malinda M.
Magers Pamela J.
Magers Patrick
Magrum David
Mahaney Robert
Mahl Barbara M.
Main Kenneth A.
Main Patricia
Main Yvonne
Malone Patrick R.
Mangett Steve J.
Mangette Richard
Mann Howard J.
Mann James R.
Markley Jeffrey A.
Marsh Karen L.
Martikan Steven J.
Martin Dan L
Martin Della J.
Martin Greg
Martin James L.
Martin Marcile
Martin Marilyn A.
Martinez Antonia
Martinez Carol
Martinez Ramona
Martinez Santos
Masel Edwin M.
Mason Charles J.
Mason Jay
Mathewson Marilyn J.
Mathias Renee K.
Mathias Richard
Matz Dorrine
Maul Ruth
Mault John
Maxhimer John R.
Mays Dawn M.
Mays Steven L.
Mazey Colette A.
McBride Sam
McCabe Kisha K.
McCarley Kenneth
McCarthy Michael A.
McCartney Harley
McCartney Stephanie G.
McClellan Robert G.
McClory Elizabeth F.
McClory Evelyn
McClucas Paul
McCollum Eunice
McCombs Ila
McCorkle Ronald P.
McCormick Harry E.
McCracken Doris E.
McCue Daniel V
McCullough Karl E.
McDonald Dwight
McDonald Timothy
McDougal Miles
McDougle V.M.
McElhatten Dan E.
McGinty Susan
McGlone Roy
McGowan Michael A.
McGrady Jennifer
McGrew Dan
McHargue Larry
MCI Telecommu
McIntyre Donald A.
McKeehen Frieda
McKenzie James
McKenzie Roger
McKibben Jerrold
McKinney Mike
McKinney Sheldon
McKinnon Edward J.
McLane Earl
McLaughlin James P.
McLaughlin Margaret
McMaster Pete D.
McNamara Jerri K.
McNamara Patrick
McNutt Donald A.
McNutt Vicky
McNutt William T.
McOsker Walter
McSherley David K.
McVeigh Glen
McVicker David
Meade Kyle
Meigs Rita A.
Meisner Franklin 
Melick Jim
Melroy Wayland
Menningen Anthony S..
Mentzer Carol A.
Merchant David J.
Merritt Terry
Mesnard Randall W.
Messersmith Beth A.
Messersmith Kenneth
Metalworks Machine & Fab. Inc.
Metz Eric
Metzger Hubert E.
Mewhorter Donovan R.
Meyer James E.
Meyer Robert L.
Meyers Marlene
Michaels Lori
Michaels Matt
Michel Louise H.
Michul I J.
Miles Kenneth
Miller Anthony P.
Miller Charles A.
Miller Christina M.
Miller Craig
Miller Craig A.
Miller David J.
Miller Debbra S.
Miller Douglas C.
Miller Edith
Miller Elisha A.
Miller Esther L.
Miller Gary A.
Miller Gina L.
Miller Grace A.
Miller Haldon S. Jr.
Miller Helen F.
Miller James A.
Miller James E.
Miller Jarrell
Miller Jean
Miller Jerome P.
Miller Lelia M.
Miller Mary Jo
Miller Michael A.
Miller Michael J.
Miller Mildred
Miller Misty D.
Miller Regina D.
Miller Richard L.
Miller Sarah
Miller Sarah B.
Miller Steven D.
Miller Steven E.
Miller Steven L.
Miller William R.
Millirans Harold E.
Mills David A.
Mills Russell
Milroy Mark
Milum Harold E.
Miniaci Stephen P.
Minor Curt A.
Miranda Susan
Misner Glenn
Mitchell Harold W.
Mitchell Michael G.
Mitchell Tiffany L.
Mitchell Wayne
Mitchem Charles E.
Mitten Edith
Mizen Harold T.
Mock Michael
Moes Myrtle
Moler Brenda C.
Moler Kathryn
Moll Jason L.
Monk Dwight D.
Monk Jessica A.
Monroe Cindy L..
Monroe Donald R.
Monsanto Agriculture
Montes Donna S.
Montgomery Anna
Montgomery Ben
Montgomery Edward A.
Montgomery Keith
Montgomery Laurie
Moon Fred
Mooney David
Moore Charles E.
Moore Eugene
Moore Grover
Moore Joe D.
Moore John W.
Moore Kerry J.
Moore Lori K.
Moore Narman
Moore Ruth A.
Moore Vicki
Moran William F. III
Morehart Darrin
Morgan Tracy L.
Morgret Gary
Moritz Troy R.
Moroschan Bryan
Morris Bart
Morris Paul A.
Morris Robert
Morris Sarah J.
Morrison Avitus
Morrison E. D.
Morrow Klingman
Morrow Mary C.
Morse David F.
Morter Dorothy
Mosier Craig A.
Mosier Paul R.
Mosley Arettia
Mosley Gerri
Mosley Leon
Mougey Mark A.
Mowery Richard L.
Mowry Clyde F.
Moyer Bill Jr.
Moyer Steven
Mt Zion C.
Muhr Danny L.
Muhr Dick
Mullholand Julie K.
Mullholand Mark
Mullin Gloria
Mullins Amy M.
Mullins Florence K.
Mullins Gladys W.
Mullins Loretta L.
Mullins Willie
Mulvain Freida M.
Mulvain Frieda M.
Mundy Lester
Munoz Paul A.
Murphy Michael
Murphy Ned J.
Murphy Tim
Murray Derrick M.
Murray E. M.
Murray Larry
Musgrave George
Musick David
Musselman Ben A.
Myers Charles O.
Myers Donovan E.
Myers Ellen J.
Myers Ivan E.
Myers Jackie R.
Myers Joseph
Myers Rian D.
Myers Richard D.
Myers Shawna
Myers Steve R.
Myers Thomas I.
Myers Violet J.
Nagel Kimberly A.
Napier Ira
Natole Bruce
Natole Joseph P.
Navarro Robert Jr.
Nead Maxine
Nedolast Bill
Nedolast Gary A.
Neikirk Elva
Nelson David
Nelson David E.
Neptune Joseph G.
New Washington Cutrate
Newcomer Kevin
Newcomer Larry F.
Newman Elizabeth G.
Newman James E.
Newsome Edward
Nichols Aarron K.
Nicolls Robert E
Niebel Lucille
Niederkohr Thad A.
Niedermier Robert
Niese David A.
Niese Michael
Nittany Energy Ltd
Noble Robert
Noblit Richard
Noggle Robert
Noon Nancy L.
Noon Richard
Noon Thomas
Noon Thomas E.
Norman Amy
Norris Donald A.
Norris Henry D.
Norton Ruth
Norville Robert L.
Novik Heidi A.
Nucentrix Broadband Networks In
Null Kenneth E.
Nusbaum Jerry L.
Nutter Donald K. Jr.
Nutter Jeremy R.
Nutter Ronald
Nutter Samantha
Nutter Stefanie
Nw Medical Practice
Nye Dorothy
Nye Edward
Nye Emily A.
Nye John A.
Nye Larry
Nye Michael T
Oakleaf Harold
Oakleaf Robert L.
Obringer Milissa
Ochs Nicholas R.
Oder Kenneth
O’donnell Stephen L.
Oehrli Debbie K.
O’Flaherty David
O’Flaherty Donald
Ogden Newspaperi Inc.
Ogg Kevin
Ogg Lonnie
Ohio Road Paving
Ohl Dennis C.
Ohler Leilani S.
Oldaker Elizabeth
Oldaker Lenard Jr.
Olinger James
Oliver Delayna Y.
Oliver Freeman F.
Oller James
Oney Kimberly A.
Oney Nicole R.
Onie Harold
Opper Robert C.
Orians Joseph C.
Ortiz Israel
Osborne Chris L.
Ospina Antonio
Otto Gilbert
Outdoor Living
Overmyer Betty
Paaaina Darlene K.
Pahl Paul
Palmer Stephen H.
Panuto Sheri A.
Parker Charles A.
Parker James D.
Parks Giles D.
Parks Janice M.
Parks Nanci
Parrish Ricky L.
Parsell Patricia A.
Parsons Eugene
Partlow Jonathon E.
Pasch James L.
Pasqualini Lisa M.
Passante Beverly M.
Passet Christina L.
Passet Russell R.
Patrick Cherie
Patrick Laurie V.
Patrick Randy L.
Patten Tera R.
Patterson Brad
Patterson James D.
Patterson Sean D.
Patton Nathan A.
Pauley Clarence
Pauley Larry A.
Payne Carri
Payne Navajo
Peacock Timothy L.
Peebles Steve
Peek Horace
Peiffer Stephen
Pekare James M.
Pelfrey Earl E.
Pelfrey Jeff
Pelton Kenneth L.
Penix Princess
Pennington Clarence
Pennington Johnny
Pennington Joseph L.
Pennock Amanda M.
Penwell James A.
Penwell Michael L.
Penwell Tanya L.
Perkins G. B.
Perkins Gene A.
Perkins Jimmy F.
Perkins Johnny
Perkins Mary C.
Perkins Perry
Perkins Randolph
Perkins Raymond
Perkins Robert H.
Perkins Thomas A.
Perkins Timothy E.
Perrine Anthony
Perry Billy J.
Perry John
Perry John Jr.
Persinger Dennis E.
Peterman Waine
Peterson Chris
Petroleum Enterpris
Petry Gladys
Pettibone Eugene
Petty Matthew A.
Pfahler Lynn
Pfeiffer Lisa L.
Pfleider Francis
Phelps James
Phelps Paula K.
Phelps Ryder
Philbrick Donald Jr.
Philipp Scott D.
Phillips Barbara J.
Phillips John E.
Phillips Richard
Phillips Ronald E.
Phipps James R.
Phipps Jeffrey D.
Phonchone Inh
Picklesimer Eugene
Pierce William W.
Pifher Erin E.
Pifher Robert C.
Pifher Tina A.
Pilgram Farms I.
Pine Robert E
Pittenger Frances
Pitts William
Pitts-Hall Maggie
Platt Raymond W.
Plott John
Pollack Thomas E.
Polley Windle C.
Pollock James R.
Ponn Robert J.
Poole Cindy
Poole Russell E.
Posey Milton D.
Potter Kenneth E.
Potter Timothy
Potts Robert E.
Powell Daryl W.
Powell Doug
Powell James Jr.
Powell Kenneth A.
Powell Paul
Powers Philip E.
Prater Bayliss
Prater Sidney
Pratt Randolph S.
Preble Daniel G.
Preble R.
Prenzlin Mildred A.
Prenzlin William E.
Presler Thomas A.
Price Irma
Prince Charles R.
Prohaska Raymond A.
Properties LTD
Pryor Kenneth M.
Pryor Tom J.
Pugh Susan
Pugh Timothy J.
Purdy Maxine J.
Queen Frank
Quickle Vincent A.
Quinter Marc
Qwest Microwave
Racheter Thomas E. Jr.
Rader Mary M.
Radke Matthew
Rall Torri
Ramey Alex
Ramirez Brandon J.
Ramsey Jeffrey
Ramsey Robert
Ramseyer Stephan A.
Randall Christine
Rank C. H.
Rank David R.
Rank John P.
Ranker Mark
Rankin Richard H.
Rath Martha L.
Rath Sidney R.
Rathburn Catherine
Rathburn Marjorie
Rathburn Richard
Rathburn Stephen
Ratliff Lonnie
Rausher Paul L.
Ray Sherry L.
Raypole Richelle L.
Reales Fred
Ream Quentin R.
Reber Margaret
Reber W. L.
Recker John L.
Recker Michael H.
Redfox Gerald
Reed Clara
Reed Debra A.
Reed Dennis L.
Reed Hiram D.
Reed Iris
Reed Nancy J.
Reel Ellen A.
Reel Richard W.
Reffner Alicia
Reffner Eric D
Reichenbach Jerry
Reichenbaugh Richard A.
Reid Betty
Reid David A.
Reid Diane M.
Reid Heather
Reiff Paul
Reigle Kevin
Reilly Donald R.
Reilly Gary G.
Reilly William C.
Reinbolt Sue
Reinhard Arthur M.
Reinhard Dominique M.
Reinhart Bonita
Reinhart Charles K.
Reinhart Gregory J.
Reinhart John D.
Reinhart Larry C.
Reinhart Opal L.
Reinhart Penny
Reinhart Raymond
Reinhart Sandy S.
Reinhart Steven M.
Reinhart Thomas D.
Reinhart Thomas J.
Reiter Patricia A.
Reiter William.
Renfro Paul D.
Rex Wayne
Reyman Georgia
Reynolds Carl L.
Reynolds David J.
Reynolds F. M.
Rhoad Albert
Rice Ella
Richards Gerald
Richardson Gary
Richardson Solomon
Richardson Solomon J.
Richmond Harold
Rickard Donald E.
Rickard George
Riddle Deborah
Riddle Elizabeth E.
Ridner Rufus R.
Riedel Christopher L.
Riedel Tim
Riedel Troy L.
Ries Jay A.
Rife Kathy S.
Rife Kenneth B.
Rife William H.
Rigby Dennis C.
Riggs Donald R.
Riley Chet
Riley Tyra A.
Rinebold Charles J.
Rinker Charles P.
Risner Amber M.
Risner Gary L.
Risner Jason
Risner Jerry L.
Risner Monroe
Risner Patricia M.
Rittenour Donita
Rittenour Ronald E.
Rmb Enterprises
Roberts Annabelle
Roberts James
Roberts Michael R.
Roberts Pamela
Roberts Robert
Robinalt Clara
Robinett Brian D.
Robinette Cassandra
Robinette Marvin
Robinette Tyler L.
Robinson Erin
Rodriguez Michael K. Sr.
Roelle Mary C.
Rogers Robert E.
Rogers W. P.
Rohrbach Brian S.
Rohrbacher Chris D.
Rolsten Bambie E.
Romanko Dawn
Romich A. E.
Roof Jean
Roper Scott D.
Rose David
Rose Leonard D.
Rose Lila
Rose Lisa
Rosenberger Rick J.
Ross Charles
Ross Daniel E.
Ross John C.
Ross Pamela J.
Rossman-Failor Dawn
Roszman Diane C.
Roth Carolyn
Roth Cody
Roth Edith
Rothlisberger Michael
Roub Sean B.
Roush Jaime
Roush Mervin
Routzahn Carlton E.
Row Marilynn M.
Rowe Philip
Rowe Risa R.
Rowlinson Doug E.
Rue Charles V.
Ruehle Daryl D.
Ruffing Michael L.
Rumschlag Donald
Runion Keith
Russell Charles W.
Russell Randy
Russell Sierra R.
Ruth Lillian
Rutherford Nausha
S. & S. Corporation
Safko Kenneth G.
Salazar Joe R.
Salazar Sylvia
Saldusky Jamie
Sallee Charles I.
Sallee Paul
Sanders Randy L.
Sanderson Blanche V.
Sangregory James S.
Sankey Bonita
Sarkan Rosemary
Sauber David G. Sr.
Saull Janet M.
Saunders Joe
Saunders Kirk C.
Sawyer Nathan D. Jr.
Sayre Dennis W.
Schaaf Ralph
Schalk Michael P.
Schank Brian J.
Scheck’s Market
Scheiber Karen
Schell Joseph
Scherger Charles
Scherger Harold A.
Scherger Justin S.
Scherger Patricia A.
Schifer Darrin A.
Schindler Lucas
Schings Charles
Schlachter Machine Shop
Schmidt Jack
Schmidt Richard W.
Schmidutz Heather
Schneider Allen
Schock Nicki M.
Schock Timothy R.
Schoen Gary
Schomberg Katherine
Schreck Bernice L
Schreiner David
Schreiner Gerald
Schreiner Timothy
Schroeder Karis M,
Schroeder Steven C,
Schubert Eugene B,
Schultz Chris
Schultz John A,
Schumacher Tim S,
Schumm Joshua
Schuster James V,
Schwalenberg Amy J,
Scott Donald E.
Scott Eddie D.
Scott Herbert R.
Scott Kenneth H.
Scott Naomi
Scott Peter L.
Scott Raymond
Scott William C.
Scruggs Michael J.
Searles E. P.
Sears Kathryn E.
Sebree David
See Mark R.
Seery Ann
Seery Rick
Seifert Robert E.
Seither Richard C.
Sendelbach Albert
Sendelbach George
Sendelbach John E.
Sendelbach Todd
Seneca Precast
Sexton Michelle L.
Sexton Vicki
Seybert Barbara
Shade Dennis
Shafer Howard D.
Shaferly Mark A.
Shaffer Patricia A.
Shane Kent
Shane Penny K.
Shank Herbert
Shanks Timm
Sharp Brian
Sharp Drema
Sharp Jerry
Shaw Dennis
Shaw Dennis S.
Shaw Janet A.
Shawberry Larry E.
Shealy Neva A.
Shealy Taddeus L.
Sheets Jerry W.
Sheets Nina
Sheetz Robert A.
Sheidler Stephanie D.
Shelden Geraldine
Sheldon Jean M.
Shellhorn Ashley M.
Shellhouse Sarah A.
Shepherd William J.
Sherman Jimmy C.
Sherman Steven A.
Sherrard Rebecca
Shick Mark D.
Shiley Joanne
Shira John C.
Shock Chester 
Shock Frank
Shoemaker Nicolas
Shope H. S.
Short Tom
Showalter Steven A.
Showcase Homes
Showman Richard
Shulaw Kenneth
Shultz Eric
Shultz Jacqulyn
Shultz Shawn E.
Shumaker James
Shumaker Richard P.
Siegel Wilfred
Siegenthaler Jane E.
Simon Albert D.
Simzak Richard B. Sr.
Skeels Ruth
Skiles Tim
Sklar Carol
Skyarc Enterprise Inc.
Skyarc Enterprises Inc.
Slater James N.
Slater Laura J.
Slater Matthew T.
Slavey Randall
Slavey Sharon
Sleek Ned F.
Slone Brian M.
Slone Diane M.
Slone Jeff
Slone Jeffery A.
Slone Joe
Sluss Linda C.
Smalley Vicki L.
Smelser Diane L.
Smelser Linda M.
Smerglia William
Smith Anna L.
Smith Bill
Smith Brent
Smith Catherine M.
Smith Cathy A.
Smith Charles E.
Smith Christoph J.
Smith David
Smith Donald E.
Smith Donald F.
Smith Elwood
Smith Frank
Smith Glenn D.
Smith Jerry
Smith Kali S.
Smith Kathleen
Smith Lloyd E. Sr.
Smith Lynett
Smith Mark E Sr.
Smith Mark L..
Smith Nicholas A.
Smith Nina S.
Smith Paul K.
Smith Paul M.
Smith Phillip P.
Smith Rex
Smith Robert E.
Smith Roger T.
Smith Ron C.
Smith Roseanna H.
Smith Rosemary
Smith Ruth
Smith Shane P. Sr.
Smith Sherry M.
Smith Steven D.
Smith Terry D.
Smith Thomas S.
Smith Tina
Smith Vernon
Smith Wayne
Smith Wesley
Smith William R.
Smoot Michael
Smothers Ralph C.
Smyser Jason E.
Smythe Trent
Snavely Warren A. Jr.
Snell Betty L.
Snide Peter
Snipes Frederick
Snowden Robert Jr.
Snyder Carol J.
Snyder Diana M.
Snyder Edwin E.
Snyder El
Snyder Joann
Snyder Judy
Snyder Peg G.
Snyder Richard A.
Snyder Tracy D.
Soals April E.
Somers Amy A.
Songer Herbert L.
Sorg Michael G.
Sours Gene E. Sr.
Sours Ronald
Sours Ronald L.
Spackey Henry R.
Spangler Larry D. Jr.
Spears Marcus E.
Spears Penny
Specialty Antenna
Speicher Donald J. II
Spence Robert J. Sr.
Spencer Karl S.
Spencer Megan L.
Spencer Scott
Spieldenner Don S.
Spillman Grace
Spitler Jennifer M.
Spittler William B.
Spitzer James N.
Sprague Amy M.
Sprint Nextel Corporation
St Clair Michael Ii
St Paul Lutheran Church
Stacklin Summer
Stadler Susan N.
Staffanus Debbie
Stahl Anthony
Stahl Daniel
Stahl Harold W.
Stahl James
Staib Nathan
Staib Nicholas S.
Staib Willis
Stamm Ralph
Stamm Ray
Stander James J.
Stander Larry W.
Stanford Gerry A.
Stanley Robert L. Sr.
Stansbery Michael L.
Stansbery Norman
Stanton Mark A.
Stapley Joseph D.
Stapley Ronald A. Jr.
Stapley Steven
Starner Mary
State Of Ohio
Stein Mark J.
Steinhauer Sheri A.
Steinmetz Charles W.
Steinmetz Frances J.
Steinmetz Rene J.
Stephens Regina
Stephens Robert
Stepp Susan J.
Sternberg Raymond A.
Stetzik Thomas J.
Stevens Cory
Stevens William D.
Stevens William E.
Stever Harold D.
Stewart Albert D. Jr.
Stewart Charles
Steyer John
Steyer Lisa
Stiffler Jami N.
Stiger John
Stiger Tammy M.
Stiltner Johnny C.
Stine F. T.
Stine John W.
Stine Teresa A.
Stockmaster Benjamin R.
Stockmaster James
Stockmaster Mary A.
Stockmaster Matthew F.
Stockmaster Robert A.
Stockmaster Sherron M.
Stone Clayton
Stone Tonya
Stout Laura G.
Stover Chrystal
Stover Donald E.
Stover Joseph R.
Stover Neil
Stover Randall A.
Stover Ruth A.
Stowe Joseph C.
Stratton Terry
Stratton Well S.
Straub James
Strickler Janet
Strohm Ryan E.
Strohm William
Struble Buckeye 
   Pharmacy Inc.
Stuckey Daryle R.
Stuckey Lucas Jr.
Stuckey Sheila M.
Studer Dolores
Studer Sean A.
Studer Steven
Studer Teresa L.
Studer Todd
Stull Marilyn V.
Stump Toy A.
Sturtz Michael
Sullivan Angela M.
Sullivan Michael
Summers James
Summit Kathy
Sumpter Snookie K.
Sutter Dorothy K.
Sutter Heath A.
Sutter James H.
Sutter Richard L.
Sutton Mark S.
Suver Daniel
Swaisgood E. G.
Swanger Robin
Swann Robert B.
Swartz Bryan E.
Swartz Shirley A.
Swartzmiller Larry
Swecker Gerald D.
Swecker Lori J.
Sweigard Charles B.
Swihart Matt S.
Swihart Richard S.
Swihart Stanley
Swinehart Gene
Swinehart Steven E.
Swing James M.
Swing Robert
Swisshelm Ann
Swope Jeff
Swope William
Szallar Franklin
Szymczak Melissa E.
T A Rokicki & Assoc Co.
Tackett Shirley A.
Tackett Virginia
Tagle Teresa
Tallman Dorothea J.
Tanner Landon
Tanner Michael L.
Tate Wilbur Jr.
Taulker Howard R.
Taylor Barbara
Taylor Clyde Jr.
Taylor Linda M.
Taylor Randy
Taylor Robert S. Jr.
Taylor Tammy
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Vernon
Teeple Charles L.
Telford Sandra
Teneyck Frank D. Sr.
Terry Linda M.
Terry Loreen
Terry Vernon
Teschner Kristina J.
Teynor’s Homes Inc.
Theis Dennis
Theis Gregg
Theis Gregg L.
Theis Luke
Theis Marguerite
Thom Fancy D.
Thom Susan
Thomas Bart
Thomas James
Thomas Jeff G.
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Sandra K.
Thomas Winfield
Thompson Carlos
Thompson Clyde E.
Thornsberry Estill
Thoroughman Ithel
Thorp Barbara E.
Thousand Adventures Resorts Ohio
Tibbs James P.
Tiell Darrell R.
Tiell Timothy
Tolliver Ron
Tong David
Tong Jeremiah C.
Tong Steven W.
Torres Vincent
Tower Equipment Inc.
Towne David
Tracy Mary
Trapp Laurie A.
Trapp Richard
Trapp Richard B.
Trausch John
Trausch Kimberly T
Trautman Gaylord R. Jr.
Treadway Kevin L.
Treadway M. L.
Trease D. H.
Trevino Luis
Tripp Matthew
Trott Albert C.
Trujillo Bridget M.
Tuck Joan V.
Tucker Lynda
Tupps Jacqueline H.
Turk Joellen K.
Turpin Tracey
Turvey Alfred E.
Tusing Tracy
Tuttle Carol
Tuttle Debra J.
Tuttle Michael
Twarzdik Robert R.
Twarzdik Steven F.
Tyndall James C.
Tyree Ercel
Tyree Jacquelin
Tyree Jeffrey D
Tyree Michael
Tyson Norman Jr.
Uballe Natividad
Uhleman Doris
Ulman June R.
Ulrich David
Ulsh Phil J.
United Bank Na
Upper Sandusky Aviation
Upton William C.
U.S. Sprint 
U.S. Geological Serv.
Valenti Steve
Valu-Pakd Supermark
Vanallen Dennis M.
Vanalst Van S.
Vanasdale Burton
Vanbuskirk Wyman
Vance Charles Sr.
Vandergriff Janet
Vanderlaar David J.
Vanderpool Dennis J.
Vanderpool John
Vanderpool Michael
Vanderputten John
Vanhoosier Cathern
Vanhoosier James L.
Vannette Adairbiii
Vargas Esperanza A.
Vargo Clarence
Varney David
Vaughn Whalen
Veach Gaylord L.
Vehrs John J.
Vela Raul
Vera Gary D.
Verbon Leroy J.
Veres Thomas M.
Vernier Rebecca
Vice Marvin C.
Vick David
Vick Jerry
Vickery Irene B.
Vogt Ruth G.
Volk Erika K.
Voorhees Debra K.
Voorheis Ronald
Vosburgh Michael G.
Voss Gary
Wagner Alvin T.
Wagner Connie
Wagner Eugene A.
Wagner Grant
Wagner H. V.
Wagner Kevin G.
Wahl Gladys
Walby Daniel F
Walden Judith V
Walker John B.
Walker Michele R.
Walker Peggy
Wallace Larry J.
Wallace Larry T.
Walland Joe
Wallen Carolyn R.
Wallen Gregory
Walliser Dana A.
Walter Clyde
Walter Don A.
Walter Heather R.
Walter James H.
Walter Jerry B.
Walter Joe D.
Walterhus Robin L.
Waltermier Doyle
Walters Dave
Walters Edgar
Walters James E.
Walters Jeffrey S.
Walton Jean
Walton Jeff T.
Ward Claud
Ward E. L.
Ward Joseph A.
Ward Richard C.
Ward Tammy S.
Warner Steve
Warnick Richard
Warwick Jack W.
Waters Fred
Watkins Tommie A.
Watson Vonda K.
Watson William L.
Weaver Allen D.
Weaver Andrea
Weaver Gary D.
Weaver Megan A.
Weaver Phyllis
Webb Gregory T.
Webb Jim L.
Webb Timothy A.
Weber Ida M.
Weber Laura M.
Weber Lloyd
Weber Steven C.
Weekley Dianna L.
Weichman Mark A.
Weider Brad
Weider David
Weiler Violet L.
Weilnau Allan
Weilnau Richard
Weininger Evelyn
Weininger Joseph L.
Weir Betty
Weiss Blake S.
Weller Edward
Weller Jay
Weller Jay W.
Wells Larry D.
Welly James A.
Welter Patrick T.
Wenner Marilyn
Wentling Hazel A.
Wentz Charles M.
Wentz Connie M.
Wentz Ronald E.
Werling Nila R.
Werling Rose A.
Werling Thomas
Werling Tom
Wertz Brenda J.
Wertz C. L.
West Larry E. Jr.
West Steven F.
Westgate James L.
Westrick Thomas C.
Wheeler Mark A.
Wheeler Mary
Wheeler Mary L.
Whipkey Scott
Whistler Russell C. Jr.
White Allen
White Clyde Jr.
White Eileen M.
White Raymond L.
White Tim E.
Whitehead Christine
Whitman Mary A.
Whitta Amy L.
Whittaker Alan J.
Whittington Kelly
Wilburn Donna O.
Wilck Richard
Wilcox Helen E.
Wilcox Jason A.
Wildenhaus Robert
Wildman Scott M.
Wilhelm Adrian S.
Wilkes James S.
Wilkie Shirley A.
Wilkins Lois M.
Wilkinson Richard E.
Willacker Charles
Williams Ann
Williams Gary
Williams George E.
Williams James
Williams James A.
Williams James C.
Williams Jeffrey
Williams John C.
Williams Leo
Williams Leo J. Jr.
Williams Mark C.
Williams Robert E.
Williams Tadd M.
Williams Thomas M.
Williams Tracy L.
Williston Bonnie
Willoughby Carl H.
Willson John
Wilson Alice L.
Wilson Frank L. I
Wilson Guy E.
Wilson Ralph
Wilson Richard L.
Wilson Ronald E.
Wilson Rose A.
Wilson Scott A.
Wilson Susan A.
Windnagle John W.
Wineland Alecia
Wise Anthony J.
Wise Gary
Wise George W.
Wise Jerry
Wiseman Jeff L.
Woessner Evelyn
Wolf Kenneth
Wolf Kenneth W.
Wolfe Tim A.
Wolfenbarger Stewart G.
Wollam Phillip E.
Wolohan Lumber Co.
Wonderly Herman C.
Wonderly John C.
Wood Ashley N.
Wood David T.
Wood Joan M.
Wood Phillip S.
Wood Steve E.
Woodland Tricia D.
Woodlane Farm
Woodman Larry
Woodruff Barbara
Wooten Kenneth M.
Worden Ryan
Workman Albert M.
Workman Amber N.
Workman Jessica D.
Workman Judy
Workman Wallace
Worland Donald W.
Wright Bo D.
Wright Jason A.
Wurm Daniel G.
Wurm Eugene L.
Wurts Rodney
Wyandot Dolomite Inc.
Wyant Carolyn S.
Wyant Lucille
Wyers Jeffrey
Yarbrough Garry R.
Yeater Jason S.
Yingling Sharon
Yonts Ronnie
Yost Eugene P.
Yost Gerald
Youell Gary R.
Young Connie
Young David E.
Young Donald A.
Young Edwin
Young Franklin
Young Freda
Young Jay H.
Young Michelle L.
Young Nancy
Young Nathan R.
Young Norma
Young Norma N.
Young Richard B.
Zablocki Mary E.
Zahn Gary
Zehring James D.
Zeiger Patricia K.
Zeigler Arthur
Zeigler Rodney
Zellers Steven R.
Zellner Daryl
Zellner Linda
Zellner William L..
Zender John A.
Zender Tim
Zender Zachariah W.
Zilles Hilary
Zimmerman Peter
Zink Blake A.
Zornes Randy D.
Zucker Crystal
Zucker Glen L.
Zuern Terry L.
Zuspan Scott
Zutavern Marcella W.
Zutavern Richard
Zwiebel Larry



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