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Membership Fees

A $10 membership fee for service connection is required for all consumers choosing to join North Central Electric Cooperative. The $10 membership fee is refunded when the member moves off the North Central Electric system.


A $210 deposit is required to receive electric service from the cooperative. 

*The deposit will be held by the cooperative for a period of two (2) years. After the two-year period, the entire deposit, plus 3 percent annual interest, will be refunded to the consumer, provided the consumer has maintained a good credit rating with the cooperative. A good credit rating shall mean that the member has not been delinquent in paying his/her bill more than once in the most recent 12-month period.

Meter Fees & Charges

A $40 "Trip Charge" will be assessed to the consumer for the following

  • Collection and/or disconnection trip
  • Delinquent service reconnect during regular business hours
  • Reconnect or disconnection of service for a consumer with multiple accounts at one location ($40 trip charge plus $12 for each additional meter)
  • Delivery of returned mail

A $100 "Overtime Charge" will be assessed to the consumer for service reconnection after regular work hours.

  • Calls received between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. (normal weekdays)
  • No reconnections on weekends or holidays.

Meter Test (at consumers request)

The customer is required to pay a $40 test fee before the test is done. If the meter is in error more than 2 percent, the the meter test fee will be refunded. The meter test fee is waived, if the meter had not been tested within the previous 10 years.

Bad Check

  • Service fee, $20 plus bank charge
  • Trip charge, $40

Unauthorized Electricity Use

  • Estimated electric use plus damages and administrative costs
  • Minimum charge, $350

Security Light Installation Charge

  • No installation charge for installing light on existing cooperative pole.
  • Deliver and set for each additional pole required, $100.
  • If an additional pole is required, its location must be in a serviceable area (i.e. within 20 feet of a driveway).
  • No light will be installed on a customer's pole for liability and safety reasons.
  • The installation of security light equipment, other than the 150-watt metal halide style security light, normally provided by the cooperative, is subject to possible added installation charges to accommodate the difference in equipment and material cost.
  • Rental charge, $11 per month.
  • Security Light Application

County Permits

  • The actual cost of the permit is assessed to the consumer


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