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A geothermal heating and cooling system is the most advanced and most efficient year round residential comfort combination available. Geothermal heat pumps use the natural heat stored underground to provide heating, cooling and even hot water heating in your home.

Just a few feet underground is a free, clean and endless renewable source of heat. The earth works like a solar battery, absorbing nearly half of the sun's energy. The soil underground stays relatively constant at 50-plus degrees year-round.

Rebates and Rate Incentives Offered

North Central Electric offers a rebate and ongoing rate incentive to members who have a geothermal system installed.

  • Residential applications only
  • $800 rebate for newly-installed geothermal equipped with electric resistance auxiliary heat, $400 for an upgrade
  • $400 rebate for geothermal equipped with fossil-fuel auxiliary heat
  • 1-cent per kilowatt-hour discount applied after 1,000 kWhs is consumed each month; discount not to exceed $100 in a 12-month period per account (rate effective for geothermal systems installed after January 2013)
  • 50 percent line extension cost refund, not to exceed $500, if contribution-in-aid of construction costs (a portion of the cost for line extension construction) are incurred for new service construction

Equipment Qualifications

  • Each geothermal contractor must adhere to all program qualifications for the installation of the geothermal system in order for the member to receive their rebate and rate discount.
  • An inspection by the cooperative's energy services advisor must be conducted before the member will be issued their rebate and rate discount.
  • The cooperative MUST be notified by the installing contractor when the geothermal system is completed and up and running.

Load Management Control

  • Member must participate in the cooperative's Cool Returns air conditioning load control program. Members will receive a one-time $100 credit off their electric bill for the installation of the summer air conditioning load control switch. Then beginning two years after the installation, the member will receive a $6 credit off their electric bill for the months of June, July, August and September. The switch, when activated, will automatically cycle the compressor off for 8 to 12 minutes out of every 30 minutes during summer peak demand times on extremely hot days. The switch is programmed so the compressor will never be off more than 12 minutes continuously each half hour. During these cycles, the air handler continues to circulate air throughout the home.

Geothermal Brochure

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